La Maison

Ananbô, designer and publisher of panoramic wallpapers.

A French, family-run company,
independent and creative,
located in Gironde in the middle of the vineyards

The love of beauty and the passion for travel give birth to intense collections, that bring strength and depth to our interiors…


Conducted by Marie-Maud Levron
Photos Crédits  Cécile Perrinet Lhermitte,

Hello Anne, you are the founder, designer and artistic director of the brand. How did the idea for the first collections of Ananbô panoramic wallpapers come about?

Dress up houses, decorate, make me happy. It was above all for me, for my house. I will never create a setting that I would not like to pose at home.

Where does this taste for decoration come from, how did your eye sharpen in the course of your life?

I decorated a lot, I had many apartments and houses, I moved out a lot. My mother had a lot of taste, in the 70s, she was a subscriber to Art and decoration, we liked to discuss color and we spent our lives repainting furniture and walls, moving rooms and creating new atmospheres, with few things we were transforming the house. I have kept the taste, these are beautiful memories. I still remember the wallpaper we had chosen for my room. I must have been 10 or 11 years old, I can still visualize it.
And then I grew up, I left the big family house to find myself in a Parisian studio for my studies. At that time, I started to make my own furniture… I remember a shell coffee table à la Thomas Boog I created back from a trip to the Pacific!

What are, at the genesis of your collections, your sources of inspiration, themes of predilection…

In the early 80s, the discovery of Southeast Asia was a revelation. There was a shop called «Le Monde Sauvage» (the only one at that time) near Les Halles, I spent hours there. Just the name of the shop made me dream. I have always been passionate about these destinations, the pace of life is different, landscapes obviously touch me in a particular way. I like this vegetation,this luxuriance and at the same time the calm that emerges from it. This is reflected in the landscapes I create for Ananbô.

Can you tell me about the technical process of creation,chromatic research, production sites…

My eye, my sensitivity are found in each of the sets I draw. At the beginning of the process of creation, there is always a trip or the idea of a trip, what I would like it to look like, a vision for sure a little enchanting. The landscape is set up, elements are added to it (animals, characters, architectural elements …), then comes the moment when the decor painter gives life to my sketch. The hand of the artist, the brushstrokes, the transparencies are essential to create the Ananbô landscapes.

The painted decor is digitized. Then begins the long and meticulous work of retouching: rebalancing the decor’s style, adding elements, looking for nuances…

The printing of our decorations is made in Bordeaux, it is a small workshop where everything is implemented so that the result is perfect.The print medium, matte paper, brings elegance and refinement to the set. We chose this support for its visual aspect as well as the simplicity of its installation. The inks used are Latex inks, solvent free, complying with REACH European standards. The strips are cut manually and each decoration is subject to a thorough quality control before being shipped.

Anne Boghossian
Founder of La Maison Ananbô

If you had to define the spirit of your collections?

Surprising, refined, distant, tropical, drawn, delicate, elegant… theatrical. The Ananbô spirit is inspired from a nineteenth century French passion, the passion of distant journeys…

Ananbô is a family business. Can you tel me bit more ?

To me, creating a family business was a way of giving lasting power to what started as an idea in my own mind. Today, Ananbô is firmly established and I know that it has a bright future ahead of it. The whole family takes part in the company’s activity. Our chief concern is preserving the Ananbô spirit while making sure that it offers the best for our clients.

«At the start of the creative process, there is always a journey or
the idea of ​​a journey, which I would like it to look like»

Ananbô is a family business. Can you tel me bit more ?

To me, creating a family business was a way of giving lasting power to what started as an idea in my own mind. Today, Ananbô is firmly established and I know that it has a bright future ahead of it. The whole family takes part in the company’s activity. Our chief concern is preserving the Ananbô spirit while making sure that it offers the best for our clients.

How many motives and proposals are there?

Today we have about 150 models without including variations of colors.

Since this spring, some decorations have been printed on natural hemp fiber panels. A desire for nature that sticks to our times… Turning our interiors into cocoons! We will also put a collection of linen hangings online very soon.

Is there a difference between «panoramas » and «decorative panels » ? Which one of the two best describes Ananbô wallpapers ?

To me, the word « panorama » refers to a wide landscape that unfolds before the eyes. In this sense, Ananbô creates panoramas. Decorative panels are decorative elements with smaller dimensions, like a portrait, a large painting, or woodwork.

What does the name Ananbô mean ?

Ananbô is both something very personal and a business that caters to the imagination of all those who are passionate about decors, landcapes, drawings.
I therefore wanted above all to create a name that awakens the imagination; I created it by playing freely with sound from my name and what made me dream.

Panoramas had great success in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. They were present in every big mansion. Can they now reach a wider clientele through larger scale production?

Concerning Ananbô, I do not think it is a wider clientele, but rather a traveler clientele, curious and demanding. Today, even though we ship our sets all around the world, our production remains very confidential. This is an exceptional product, printed on order for customers who love beautiful things…

Chaque pièce est un voyage…

Tete – a – tete

Aude JoliJour & Ananbô

Aude, interior designer, accompanies the artistic direction of Ananbô
and reconnects with her first creative passions with Anne Boghossian.

Aude JoliJour

Did you know about the brand before you met Anne?

I had been using the sublime Ananbô panoramas for a long time for the decoration projects I submitted to my private clients. I think I immediately fell in love with these incredible painted decors. I love original and strong interiors, there are so many different collections at Ananbô, that I couldn’t lack inspiration.

 Ananbô calls on your creative talent… A collection project with Anne?

I am extremely versatile … I trained as a textile designer and colourist at the applied arts school, then I worked in the world of decoration and publishers since the 1990s …

In the end, thanks to Anne, I will be able to return to my initial training and think about a collection of colours and even a line of patterns for wallpapers to coordinate with the decorations.

We explore, we draw, we create together. Ananbô becomes a real creative laboratory, it is extremely motivating and energizing. There is no room for routine, beautiful ideas are always coming up.

Aude, what made you want to join the Ananbô adventure?

So I first fell in love with Ananbô decors, their exclusive hand-painted or hand-drawn designs, the material and the matte finish of the wallpapers, as if the decor had been painted directly on the wall.

I then discovered a family business on a human scale, with real values and a commitment to ecology and made in France. Anne is full of incredible ideas and I admire her creative strength.

We feel that you have a real passion for decoration, you now offer advice on decoration for Ananbô by appointment, can you tell us a little more ?

I have always been passionate about homes and interiors, so I got involved in decorating right away. I started in furniture fabric showrooms, and in the end, I have always advised my clients on their interior design.

Before joining Ananbô, I used to organise decorating meetings, we have kept the formula in order to be able to offer exclusive and personalised meetings where I propose my ideas to enhance the interiors of our private customers with Ananbô wallpapers.

 A secret to highlight a panoramic setting ? in touches ? on all the walls ?

The secret is to be daring and not to be shy! A panoramic decor brings strength, depth and personality to any interior. Once you’ve had a taste of it, you can’t live without it!

My secret is certainly to listen to the place, to look for its soul, then, it is necessary to adapt to the particularities of the room. The mouldings, the frames, the size, the height and the luminosity are essential elements in the choice of a decor.

A panoramic can therefore cover a single wall like a large painting, but it can also take up all the walls of a small room without windows for example. There are so many possibilities, it’s endless.