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There’s something poetic about seeing nature extend where you don’t expect it… The Ananbô designs are surprising and daring. Unique and timeless, they transform your interiors. These unique wallpapers are created and printed in France. Our panoramic wallpaper models enhance your interiors and adapt to your style. Inspired by antique, exotic, classic, black and white or grisaille, our decors meet all your desires. Ananbô panoramic wallpaper models are designed to adapt to large dimensions, whether in height or width. Do not hesitate to call on our teams to help you in your choices.

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More than a wallpaper publishing house, Ananbô embodies a particular, elegant, luxurious and timeless universe. This unique touch was Anne who dreamed it up and brought it to life. Artistic Director of the brand, Anne imagines and develops all Ananbô panoramic wallpapers. Over the years, she has composed several iconic collections that we invite you to discover to enhance your interiors now.

At the origin of Ananbô: a dream trip, decor aspirations

Ananbô was born from two desires: that of creating panoramics, and that of showing the journey. When the idea germinated in Anne's mind 15 years ago, she nourished two passions: she likes to decorate her interior herself, but she also has the habit of dreaming of her future destinations.

To embody her still journeys, Anne draws. She then lists all the destinations she has always dreamed of.

If of course Anne remains passionately attached to French countryside landscapes, the images that particularly animate her are those of Asia. It is then an ethereal attachment that links Anne to Southeast Asia, to its exotic landscapes, its palm trees, its lush nature. Also, it is like a part of herself that she puts on paper when she draws her panoramic settings. Quintessence of Ananbô, the Asian decor really marks the birth of our family House, it will be at the origin of our very first collection, that of Faraway Landscapes.

Today, Anne has satisfied her desire to travel: she was finally able to feel the atmospheres and photograph the details of each landscape. The memories she draws from it are kept like precious treasures in her memory, India in particular left a lasting impression on her and remains a significant inspiration for each of her artistic creations.

The Ananbô collections now represent a veritable world tour, discovering dream destinations. Odes to travel, the panoramic wallpapers thus created retrace an adventure to discover Bali, the Java Sea, Borneo, Brazil or even Hawaii and the Samoan islands. France is certainly not left out, Provence of course remains essential, but also the indescribable greenery, so characteristic of French art of the 18th century.

Ananbô panoramic wallpaper: a unique signature

Ananbô is not and will never be a trend. Our French House is unique, it forms its own style, its own singularity, all without ever restricting itself to the ephemeral fashions of interior decoration.

The best compliment we can pay to Anne? Recognize an Ananbô decor at first glance, detect all the stylistic unity that allowed us to create our universe.

If we had to describe Anne's creative process, we could delve back into the art of Odilon Redon. A symbolist painter, Redon liked to say that he worked “by putting, as much as possible, the logic of the visible at the service of the invisible.” Like him, Anne explores organic construction by giving imaginative appearances a visible form, a logical whole. Each decor represents what is in our minds, thus giving birth to majestic wallpapers which intertwine dreaminess and figuration, but also of course poetry.

Anne's still journey has made it possible to create luxurious and rare wallpapers that can now be found in the most beautiful settings, in the four corners of the world. When the Artistic Director of Ananbô started out, she had in mind the simple idea of offering monumental wallpapers depicting landscapes. She therefore went to meet Parisian decorators who, immediately, joined. A first showroom then opened its doors, marking the beginning of Ananbô’s family history.

Each year, around ten new decors are now offered to you. A textile collection has also been created in line with the fabric decorations that could be made in the 18th century. If Ananbô has certainly become a reference house, it nonetheless remains confidential. She remains a precious treasure, pampered every day by Anne's family who now surrounds her in her adventure. Our key ambition is to carefully preserve all the values that make up the quintessence of Ananbô: quality, elegance, poetry and creativity.

The birth of Ananbô luxury wallpaper collections

To organize Anne’s creations, we had to divide each decor into a collection. We then imagined the Distant Landscapes, but also the Ancient Engravings and the Andaman Collection. Later, we will also offer you the Provence Collection, the Chinoiseries or the Gardens Collection.

Each of our collections has its own essence and its particular history.

Whatever the place and inspiration, Ananbô collections draw on travel and dreams. Admiring wallpaper like this is like being transported to the gardens of Santa Cruz or Halong Bay. It’s rediscovering the history of ancient China, that of the trip to Nanking and of a young girl peacefully asleep in a garden lined with birds. The adventure also takes us to the heart of our French countryside, into a landscape of mistral and pine trees or to the discovery of our bucolic villages, Saint-Jean or Saint-Martin. More than a journey through cultures and landscapes, the Ananbô collections show a thousand and one plants: chestnut trees, pines and cypresses, green palm trees, singular plants, mysterious gardens, places of happiness and calm.

Imagined, designed and manufactured in France, Ananbô panoramic wallpapers are the result of an authentic creative process. It is Anne alone who, since the beginning of our House, imagines and draws each model. She chooses the assemblages and colors in order to preserve the quintessence of Ananbô, its artistic unity.

To immerse yourself in the world of Ananbô, browse all of our collections directly on our site. Also visit us in our showroom in Saint-Germain-des-Prés: discover a confidential and intimate world, admire some unique pieces and let us support you in your next decoration project.

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