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Hanging Instructions

Hanging Instructions
for Ananbô wallcoverings

Once the decor has been installed, no complaints can be accepted.
The hanging implies acceptance of the decor.
No claims will be accepted for hanging charges.
Once the wallpaper is installed, no claims of any kind will be accepted.

R e q u e s t e d   m a t e r i a l

Colle spéciale intissé

Paste for non-woven

Rouleau à poils moyens

Pasting brush or roll

Brosse souple et propre à maroufler

Clean and dry paper
hanging brush (do not use a roller)

G u a r a n t e e

Performing the hanging implies acceptance of the product. It is the responsibility of the hanger,
in particular of the professional hanger, to ensure that the product is suitable for its intended use. In any event,
the manufacturer’s warranty is limited to replacement of the goods duly recognized as defective by Ananbô, excluding all costs,
damages and interests whatever the cause.

01. C h e c k i n g

Before starting, please ensure the following:

– The wallcoverings match the item ordered.

– Always check the strips and the junction. In any of these cases or in case of doubt, do not cut nor hang the wallcoverings.

The entire decor should be
handled with care.
Put on clean cotton laying gloves.

02. P r e p a r a t i o n

The preparation, hanging and selection of the paste are under the responsibility of the hanger.

Ananbô provides guidelines for normal conditions of absorption that must be adapted to suit the specific sites circumstances. Ananbô shall not be liable for any damages concerning the preparation and hanging process.

It is the responsibility of the hanger to check individual installation conditions:
– To correctly identify the surface onto which you are hanging and possibly organize a porosity test.
– To determine the correct surface preparation for the site. All surfaces should be stripped of old wallcoverings (unless it is a lining paper), free from dust and grease, and clean, dry in depth, sound, smooth, uniform and clear color and normally absorbant.

03. C h o i c e   o f  
t h e   a d h e s i v e

Ananbô recommends METYLAN INTISSE or QUELYD INTISSE pastes available in specialized stores or DIY.

04. P a s t e
t h e w a l l

As opposed to traditional wallpapers,
you don’t need a wallpaper table.

Paste directly the wall with a roller.
No soaking time: hang directly the dry wallpaper strip to the wall.

Do not allow paste to get on the face of the wallcovering. If any should get on the face, remove at once with a slightly damp sponge using a flicking action rather than scrubbing.

The paste must not overflow on the joints. The glue can damage the wallpaper. Ananbô declines any responsibility concerning marks or damage caused by the adhesive. Do not wipe. Do not allow paste to dry on the face of the wallcovering as permanent damage may occur.

05. H a n g i n g

Ananbô provides trimmed wallcoverings:
hang edge to edge by side matching
the design.

– Unroll the strip from the top to the bottom.

– Our strips are cut and numbered. When
ordering, you were advised to allow a margin
of 5 cm in height and 10 cm in width.

– Paste the wall.

– Lay the first strip at an angle near the main
light source, tracing the vertical plumb line.
Follow the order from smallest number on
the left to largest number on the right.

If you cut the baseline before installing the decoration, always remember to number
the back of the strips with a pencil in order to facilitate installation.

– Adjust the strips and smoothly roll outwards with a brush, from top to bottom and from the center to the sides. The strips are to be hanged edge to edge.

Juxtapose the strips with care and without overlapping them. Don’t let any visible space between the strips, avoid rubbing the joints as this can damage the decor.
– Trim off excess top and bottom with a cutter.

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