The latest creations

The launch of a new panoramic wallpaper is always a moment of pleasure… Ananbô does not surf on trends but on desire. Desire to dress up your universe, your house or your apartment with a top-of-the-range, unique and refined panoramic wallpaper. Ananbô for more than 10 years is a family house passed master in the art of the landscape. The creation of these wallpapers requires months of work.

From the model to the work that you install in your home, we relentlessly seek harmony and beauty: the expert brushes of our decorating painters, the discerning eye of the artistic direction, the color tests, the patinas , the precision of the printing workshop. More and more of you are asking Ananbô for the realization of your projects, we are happy and honored. We are carried by your requests and your encouragement, your compliments and the happiness that you feel living in our decor.

Les jardins d’Akarâ


Les jardins d’Akarâ

Couleur claire

Les jardins d’Akarâ

Couleur Patine 18ème

The jungle wakes up with a rustle of wings,
the water of the river floods the ferns, a world of peace in the shade
of tall trees floats towards the light. Akarâ, the garden of the gods…

Les voyages de Diwarâ


Like an inherited Indian legend.
The sun sets over the village of Diwarâ and its mountains.

It is the hour when the adorned elephants
slowly descend towards the river.

Les voyages de Diwarâ

Sépia décor veilli et patiné

The new collection

A work of patina and special shades for a selection of our favorite emblematic decorations, a unique aged effect on a linen background, signature of the Ananbô house.

The Provence collection

Dear to our hearts, Provence enchants us with its landscapes. It’s the sound of the mistral in the pines, the heat of the sun on the stones, the colors of honey in summer.

The Ananbô lampshades

Some unique pieces…