The eye
of the photographer,
the talent of the architect…

Symphony of colors, nobility of styles, elegance of simplicity, perfection of detail, benevolent light…
Our portfolio brings together the beautiful images created by talented interior photographers whose gaze has landed on the seductive achievements of architects and decorators. The conducting wire ? All have summoned one or more Ananbô decors to dramatize inspiring living rooms. Take a peek at these intimate places that carry the uniqueness of Ananbô high.

Nicolas Matheus

Photograps projects from GCG Architectes, de Architecte Margaux Latimier ( Studio margaux ) and Architecte Etienne Hanekom.

The photographer Nicolas Mathéus works with the major decoration magazines as Elle Décoration, Côté Sud, Marie-Claire Maison… He has covered reportings of all houses of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé in Paris and Morocco.

Ercole Salinaro

Photograps projects from Agence June. Decor Pins et cyprès noir et blanc.

Ercole Salinaro captures the essence of a home in its refined details. For him, each home tells a story which is enhanced by the arrangement and the decoration. Each detail does count.

Sabine Serrad

Photograps projects from B.C. Atelier and Architect Colombre Marciano. Decor L’île au perroquet noir et blanc.

After studying arts and some time at École des Gobelins (Paris), Sabine Serrad installed her Nikon in Lyon where she covered commercials, architecture, deocration and print.
Elle completes different portraits and reportings for Télérama, Domodéco, Elle or Paris Match while she still also carries out more personal works.
Her series Transhumance, Les têtes de capuches, Les sur vivants, Taking photos is for tourists, Invisible Wires, Les Heures, Attendre ici ou ailleurs were subject to several exhibitions in Lyon and Saint-Etienne.

Olivier Hallot

Photograps projects from A&D Vanessa Faivre and Diane de Sedouy

Olivier Hallot’s photographic approach is to enhance the beauty of things and places, playing with light and perspective, meet with professionals and share their passion.

L'oeil du photographe Grégory Timsite shooting

Gregory Timsit

Photographs the work of Architect Marianne Evennou. Decor Le jardin au flamant rose couleur.

Promote an art of living, by creating places beyond trends and tendencies. Starting from her own universe, imagining a home to live in and where to create. This is the beginning of the story. Tea room, restaurant, hotel, appartments, houses succeeded over time. Each project is seen as a game, a story we tell eachother, which we share. The tales of our childhood we remake constantly. Home as a cabin, the last refuge.

François Guillemin

Photographs the work of Architect Atelier CVD. Decor Jarawa noir et blanc.

François Guillemin has studied architectural photography and history of art of furniture and living at Ecole Boulle and today takes advantage of his skills for conception and completion of photo shootings for architects and contemporary furniture designers.

Esthetic expression is a question of sensitivity and each photographer brings his or her own perspective on the shooted subjects. François Guillemin particularly works on attractive photos with a natural rendering while preserving the realism of the shooted sites, spaces and subjects.