Decorative panels

Decorate, hang, frame… have fun!

This season, Ananbô has decided to explore new substrates with a collection of decorative panels in resolutely graphic designs printed on natural hemp.

Single panels you may hang wherever your desire takes you, install them as a single panel or combine different panels. Some of these may even be installed horizontally.

A novelty to discover in the Ananbô Showroom
18 rue des Saints-Pères, 75007 Paris.

Monday 2pm – 7pm
Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 7pm

Sales and shipping in France and all over the world
Shipping within 3 days


Professional orders : Only upon quote, contact us.

Panneau-decoratif-Ananbo-Simane Simané - ambiance


290 € TTC

Commander le panneau
Panneau-decoratif-Ananbo-Bimbila Bimbilâ - ambiance


290 € TTC

Commander le panneau
Panneau-decoratif-Ananbo-Kibo Kibô - ambiance


290 € TTC

Commander le panneau
Panneau-decoratif-Ananbo-Toyo Toyô - ambiance


290 € TTC

Commander le panneau
Panneau-decoratif-Ananbo-Indienne-mauve-vieilli Indienne mauve vieilli - ambiance

Indienne mauve vieilli

290 € TTC

Commander le panneau
Panneau-decoratif-Ananbo-Indienne-verte-vieilli Indienne vert - ambiance

Indienne vert

290 € TTC

Commander le panneau
Panneau-decoratif-Ananbo-Indienne-jaune-vieilli Indienne jaune vieilli - ambiance

Indienne jaune vieilli

290 € TTC

Commander le panneau
Panneau-decoratif-Ananbo-Indienne-beige Indienne beige - ambiance

Indienne beige

290 € TTC

Commander le panneau
Panneau-decoratif-Ananbo-iIspahan Ispahan - ambiance


290 € TTC

Commander le panneau
Panneau-decoratif-Ananbo-Poiret Poiret - ambiance


290 € TTC

Commander le panneau
Panneau-decoratif-Ananbo-Oshi Ôshi - ambiance


290 € TTC

Commander le panneau
Panneau-decoratif-Ananbo-Aki-japonisant Âki - ambiance


290 € TTC

Commander le panneau

Les Graphiques

A collection all about prints, movements, strokes. A game of graphic impressions.

  • Simané

    Strokes, rows, sticks. An almost organic ordered rhythm.

  • Kibô

    The point, the circle as universal and perfect design, game of chance of uneveness, and suddenly imperfection makes perfect sense.

  • Bimbilâ

    A labyrinth design, mezmerizing and graphic.

  • Toyô

    Exploring the curved line, the flexibility of the branches of the wave. A very vegetal decorative design.

Les Indiennes Couleurs

A tangy and gourmet version of the floral Indienne design in the colourways absinthe, prune or honey. One single panel or why not try a trio?

  • Indienne vert vieilli (absinthe, aged)

  • Indienne jaune vieilli (honey, aged)

  • Indienne mauve vieilli (prune, aged)

Les Indiennes noir et blanc

A collection all about stamps, gestures and strokes. A game of graphic prints.

  • Indienne Beige

    Flowers and fruits stylized as the traditional Indienne designs. A vegetal tracery of naive designs, drawn in ink.

  • Ispahan

    The naive flowers of the Ispahan design as a free exploration of Art Deco floral patterns.

  • Poiret

    A free reinterpretation, kind of tribute to the gorgeous La Perse coat, drawn by Raoul Dufy for Paul Poiret.

Les Japonisants

Japanes style panels – Gold bambou frame The sensivity of floral designs we can see on Japanese screens or window shades. As if the botanical design has been painted directly on the substrate. We retrieve the delicacy and the poetry of the stamps, the finesse of the gesture.

  • Oshî

  • Toyô

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