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This collection of panoramic wallpapers evokes botanical prints, Cook's, Bougainville's or La Pérouse's travels. We are in the 18th century and we are embarking on a trip around the world, we will bring back treasures and many drawings. Philibert de Commerson, naturalist, accompanies Bougainville, Sydney Parkinson and William Hodges, painters, accompany Cook, Prévost the younger, botanical draftsman, assists the La Pérouse expedition.

Our Andaman collection starts from this idea, to reproduce an imaginary logbook, an illustrated, colorful travelogue where fauna and flora combine to form sublime panoramas. They bear evocative names Andaman, Jarawa, Nicobar or Bali Bawan. The botanical journey by Ananbô, is there anything left of earthly paradise? You can choose a made-to-measure panoramic wallpaper on the product page of each Ananbô decor. Ananbô, the elegance of a high-end panoramic wallpaper created by our studio.

> The images of our designs are non-contractual

Chaque pièce est un voyage…
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