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Ananbô's panoramic wallpapers take you on a trip and what a trip! a world tour... In Badalpur and its Indian temples, on the wonderful island of Bali and its plunging view of the Java Sea, in the forest of Borneo, on the banks of the Chao Phraya. Let's cross the ocean and find ourselves in Tana, in the softness of the palms lulled by the trade winds, in Nosy-Be in the middle of traveler's trees. Africa awaits us at Lake Victoria, let's go back up, here we are in Egypt in the pretty setting of the dream oasis of Wadi Qina, then sail towards Brazil to discover the sources of the Orinoco.

Let's continue our journey and drop anchor in Hawaii, just long enough to admire the palm trees of Kalaho, from there, let's set off again, head south on the waves of the Pacific and stop in Samoa. These marvelous panoramic wallpapers call on our imagination, our desire for elsewhere, without ever forgetting the refinement of a custom-made painted decor for the pleasure of looking at it, of discovering new details each time, such a surprise and the joy of a real journey. You can choose a made-to-measure panoramic wallpaper on the product page of each Ananbô decor. Ananbô, the elegance of a high-end panoramic wallpaper created by our studio.

Poincon ananbo
Poincon ananbo

> The images of our designs are non-contractual

Chaque pièce est un voyage…
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