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Les Chinoiseries

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A long-awaited collection of panoramic wallpapers, the dreamed Orient mixing scenes of life and poetic landscapes, Chinese jars and cages without birds. Freedom of tone. The trip to Nanjing tells the ancient story of a China that no longer exists, Mei-li the “very pretty” young girl falls asleep in her garden waiting for who knows who, the birds fly, the cages decorate . The gardens of Zao, the outline of a drawing, lightly coloured, refined.

These chinoiseries remind us ofthe beauty of the world and the tenderness of life. We imagine the softness of the decorations, the subtlety of the colors that will accompany them in our homes. The Ananbô panoramic wallpaper sets the frame and lets us imagine the stories, tell the destinies. You can choose a made-to-measure panoramic wallpaper on the product page of each Ananbô decor. Ananbô, the elegance of a high-end panoramic wallpaper created by our studio.

> The images of our designs are non-contractual

Chaque pièce est un voyage…
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